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Ortac Operations

Ortac Resources’ primary asset is the 100% owned Sturec Project in central Slovakia. It also owns the Lutila Exploration Licence which is located to the south of the Kremnica Licence. Ortac has also made strategic investments in order to diversify its portfolio of assets. It currently has a 25.37% interest in Andiamo Exploration Limited with highly-prospective licences for high grade copper and gold in Eritrea. In March 2015, it also entered into a Secured Convertible Loan Note and Call Option Agreement with Zamsort Limited, a private company located in Zambia with licences prospective for copper. This is currently under due –diligence.

The Company is looking to increase its portfolio of assets and act as a regional consolidator in the precious metals sector.

The Company is actively evaluating a number of other European precious metals projects and aims to expand it's portfolio of exploration and development assets in order to maximise shareholder value.