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Corporate Information

Ortac Resources Ltd

  • Company Number 1396532
  • Craigmuir Chambers
  • Road Town
  • Tortola
  • British Virgin Islands VG
  • 1110

Ortac Resources (UK)

  • Company Number 6418951
  • Level 3,
  • 97 Jermyn Street
  • St James's
  • London SW1Y 6JE

Ortac Resources Ltd
Country of Incorporation

British Virgin Islands

Ortac Resources (UK)
Country of Incorporation

United Kingdom

Bratislava Office

  • C/o St. Stephan Gold s.r.o.
  • Konventna 9
  • Bratislava 81103
  • Slovak Republic

Country of Operation

Ortac Resources Ltd is the listed holding company and is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Ortac Resources (UK) Limited is the operating entity with offices in both London and Bratislava. It’s main operations are located in central Slovakia.